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Adults and kids who have crooked and protruding teeth don't have to worry anymore. Dental braces and orthodontics are the best ways to close the gaps in the teeth and adjust over bites or under bites. Dental braces and orthodontics provide the opportunity for both adults and kids to achieve whiter and healthy teeth.
Special wires and brackets are types of braces that can help you move your teeth into a new angle or position in just a few months or years. Nowadays, braces are common to children and adults. Millions of people are starting to have orthodontic treatment each year to ensure that their teeth are beautiful and healthy.

Types of Braces that’s Just Right For You

If you have problems with your teeth, a dentist or orthodontist will prescribe something that will solve your problem. The braces are often consists of bands, wires, and other useful corrective appliances.

How Long should you Wear Braces?
The length of time that you are required to wear braces varies from the cases of each person. It all depends on the severity of the problem; the health of the teeth, gums, supporting bones, and how good you are at following instructions.
One average, braces usually stay in place from one to three years. If the braces have been removed, patients are required to wear a retainer for the first six months. It is recommended to visit your orthodontist every month to ensure that the braces are exerting a steady pressure on your teeth.
Orthodontists often make adjustments in the wires or rubber bands of the braces which creates more tension and pressure to the teeth. However, there are some cases that braces are alone are not enough to strengthen the crooked teeth or shift the jaw. The best remedy in this situation is to use an external appliance like headgear which is required to wear in the evening.

What to do When your Uncomfortable Wearing it?
The adjustments made by your orthodontists can make your mouth feel sore or uncomfortable. When this happens, take some over-the-counter pain relievers like Motrin or Tylenol to relieve you from the pain. If you still feel severe pain after the adjustment, it is important to talk and consult to your orthodontist about it.

Does our Age Affect the Success of Braces?
Both children and adult can benefit to the orthodontic treatment because the mechanical process which is being used to move the teeth with braces are the same at any age. The only difference between the treatment for adults and children is that corrections for adults require more than the braces alone. The treatment for adults often takes longer because their bones are no longer growing.

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