What is a Dental Crown?

What is a Dental Crown?

5 May 2017

A dental crown also known as cap is a prosthetic object which is cemented onto a tooth. It is usually used to cover a damaged tooth to strengthen it, improve its appearance and align it in the mouth. When you have discolored or misshapen tooth, dental crown could help. It looks and works like your natural tooth.

Crowns have different types. They are made from various kinds of materials.

Ceramic-This is made of porcelain-based material. Since it has an ability to blend with the natural color of your tooth, it popularly used for restoring the front area.

Porcelain-fused to metal – It gives a stronger bond than regular porcelain because it has a metal structure connected to it. It is also durable. However, the metal may show if your gums are thin.

Base metal alloys – It is made up of non-noble metals which are resistant to corrosion. This is also a very strong crown.

Gold alloys- This is made up of gold, copper and other metals. It provides a strong bond on the tooth and it doesn’t fracture and wear away the tooth itself.

But before you begin to restore and use these dental crowns, it is good to know some of the pros and cons of it.

One of the biggest advantages is that the removal of healthy and undamaged teeth is not required. Only the weakened or damaged part of the tooth is being removed. Since the crown is molded only at the top of what is left of the original tooth, the procedure minimizes the possibility of complications. It is also a permanent solution which means you would no longer have a regular removal or separate cleaning routines to have a healthy mouth and teeth. Unlike dentures you still have to separate it to avoid tooth decay or gum damage. However, this is not the perfect solution for everybody. It also has its disadvantages. One is it leaves your nerve endings in place which could make your gums sensitive to heat and cold. Also, bacteria has a small potential to get under the crown and create a damage underneath.

Although dental crowns fall out, they can last a lifetime when maintained properly through proper oral health. Brush and floss your crown just like you do with your natural teeth. Since it is not as strong as your natural teeth, do not bite down hard objects. Also schedule a regular checkups with your dentist to sustain oral hygiene.

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