Tips to keep your teeth strong and healthy #2

Tips to keep your teeth strong and healthy #2

15 Jan 2017

In the last blog entry, you have learned about the importance of flossing on a daily and how it can make wonders in the health of your precious pearls.

In this second tip, you will know the importance of limiting your intake of sugary foods and drinks and the foods you should eat.


There are lots of factors that cause tooth decay. Cookies, sodas, and other sweet foods are among the major culprits but starch is also another one to blame. When bacteria and starch mixwith the enzyme in saliva called amylase, it results to a horrid acid bath in the mouth that will eventually cause tooth decay. If you don’t brush teeth often and lets starch to linger in your mouth, the damage might also be greater.
You can also limit on your intake of soft drinks or drinks with artificial sweeteners as these can wear down your enamel over time. Furthermore, you should be careful when eating unsweetened juices and dried fruits as they can high acid and sugar content.


a. Prefer water instead of sweetened drinks.
Although it’s okay to drink sweetened juices, especially the healthy ones, you have to mindful when drinking these drinks because they contain high sugar level. But, if you don’t know what to drink, go for a glass of water instead of soft drinks. No one can go wrong with a glass of water.

b. Brush your teeth daily.
This cannot be emphasized enough. Take care of your pearls and brush your teeth three times a day. It can you get rid of those decay-causing bacteria.

c. Fresh fruits over dried fruits. Apples, for example, stimulates saliva flow that helps reduce bacteria build up and washes away food particles.

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