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    What is a Dental Crown?

    A dental crown also known as cap is a prosthetic object which is cemented onto a tooth. It is usually used to cover a damaged tooth to strengthen it, improve its appearance and align it in the mouth. When you have discolored or misshapen tooth, dental crown could help.   Keep Reading

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    Healthy Gums Means Healthy Teeth!

    Most of the time, we often neglect the most important things in life. Same thing happens in dealing with our dental health, we often forget that it’s not just enough to take care of our teeth, but we also need to take care of our gums. Of course, if we take care of our gums, our teeth also benefit from it.There are actually a lot of stuff that may have major impact on the overall wellness of our gums.   Keep Reading

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    Adults and kids who have crooked and protruding teeth don't have to worry anymore. Dental braces and orthodontics are the best ways to close the gaps in the teeth and adjust over bites or under bites. Dental braces and orthodontics provide the opportunity for both adults and kids to achieve whiter and healthy teeth.   Keep Reading

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    IMPORTANT Information You Need To Know Before Getting Dental Braces

    Many of us associate white and straight teeth with health and beauty. If your teeth are not naturally straight, you often consider the idea of using braces for cosmetic reasons or to address dental issues. However, how would you know if your teeth really need braces?   Keep Reading

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    Home Remedies: The 3 Sparkling Teeth Secrets

    According to a recent study, teeth are a standout feature that greatly affects in making a good impression. The result of the study show that it is very important to have an attractive and healthy when it comes to socializing face-to-face or virtually as it has effects on how others perceive about you. Having said that, I bet everyone would agree with me that we find it really attractive to see someone with sparkling smile.   Keep Reading

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    Tips to keep your teeth strong and healthy #2

    In the last blog entry, you have learned about the importance of flossing on a daily and how it can make wonders in the health of your precious pearls. In this second tip, you will know the importance of limiting your intake of sugary foods and drinks and the foods you should eat. 2.   Keep Reading

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    Tips To Keep Your Teeth Strong And Healthy #1

    Would you like tokeep your teeth for life or would you like to put them in a glass next to your bed at night? Here's one tip of many to come to help you keep your teeth healthy. 1.   Keep Reading

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